BGT Stevie Starr swallowed poisonous frog

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  • 28 April 2010
Stevie Starr

Stevie Starr

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Stevie Starr once swallowed a poisonous frog because he was so desperate to prove his unusual talent

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Stevie Starr once swallowed a poisonous frog.

The 47-year-old performer - who left the judges on the ITV reality show open-mouthed on Saturday night (24.04.10) when he swallowed numbered coins before bringing them back up in an order decided by the audience - admitted he was once so keen to prove his talent that he regurgitated a the toxic amphibian for a bet.

He said: "I did it for a bet from the barman who was trying to be very nonchalant about my swallowing ability. I know my limits and I am always in control."

Stevie - who has been swallowing objects for 20 years - wowed judge Amanda Holden, despite the fact she had to hide her face behind her hands.

Afterwards, she said: "To be honest I didn't think I was going to like it. But I did find it fascinating. I couldn't take my eyes off you."

Stevie, nicknamed The Regurgitator, was put through to the next round of auditions by all three judges, including Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, and believes he would be the perfect person to win the show and perform in front of Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Performance.

He told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I loved seeing their faces and I was impressed that Amanda overcame her natural revulsion and appreciated my talent.

"I'm sure, like everybody else... the royals would find what I do mind-blowing. Is that the same as enjoying it? I don't know."

Stevie's act also features him swallowing a billiard ball and "drinking" goldfish before bringing them up alive.

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