Exposure: Esben and the Witch

Exposure: Esben and the Witch

Those of a fragile disposition are advised to look away now. Brighton horror-folk sorcerers Esben and the Witch – Daniel (axe, electronics), Rachel (lungs, bass), Thomas (axe, synth) – are rapidly advancing. They’re coming to get you, Glasgow

You have a fourth member, yes? An owl? (Okay, it’s porcelain).
‘I’m sure we’ll have the owl with us on tour. We’ve always felt that it’s important to adorn the stage with various artefacts and lights, to make the live show more engaging.’

You describe your music as ‘nightmare-pop’. What tunes keep you awake at night?
‘Inland Empire frightened two of our number recently, and Scott Walker has created some terrifying yet beautiful music. Much of Jandek’s work is pretty disconcerting, too.’

Your songs are ensconced in nature and geography. Are there any features in our Scottish environment that might infiltrate your work?
‘A good friend of ours spent some time in Perthshire, and he took some photos of the Munros. The landscape they depict is wonderful and it certainly captures our imagination.’

It’s a glorious day here – is it sunny with you?
Looking up at the sky indicates that it’s beautiful. But our window’s on the bottom floor. The light doesn’t filter down this far.’

Garage, Glasgow (with The Big Pink), Sun 9 May; Stag & Dagger, Glasgow, Sat 22 May.

The Big Pink, 2:54 and Blank Canvas

Over-14s show. Electro indie rockers, named after The Band's album/recording studio, and best known for their anthem 'Dominoes'. Support from sisterly duo 2:54.

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