Labels of Love: Say Dirty Records

Labels of Love: Say Dirty Records

Advancing the DIY credo and cultural fetishism of landmark indie empires like Cherry Red, Creation, Fast Product and – particularly – Postcard, Glasgow’s Say Dirty has celebrated the sound of young Scotland (and beyond) since 2006. It’s run by identical twins Erik and Björn Sandberg (above, you may know them as Wake the President or The Noisy Lovers), and revels in the axiom ‘Because We’re Small Enough to Care’.

What artists have you released to date?
Endor, Bela, Zoey van Goey, Wake the President, Peter Parker, Paper Planes, The Sexual Objects and The Noisy Lovers.

Does your A&R strategy reflect any particular musical style or ideology?
We do stuff that excites us; it’s not unknown for us to go hungry for a month just to get a record out.

To what extent are physical packaging and a visual identity key to your label?
We prefer physical product to digital, and we feel groups deserve a tangible vindication for their efforts, but we have to be more creative if we’re going to continue to sell it. We’ve been working with an artist called Mac McNaughton: he’s really improved the presentation of our 45s. It’s great to have guys like Mac and Stephen McCaffrey [of kindred imprint and co-releasers Lucky Number Nine] on board: people who’re as passionate about cultural production as we are.

Will people still seek out (and pay for) pop artefacts, in your experience?
I think they will if the quality remains high. We employ unique limited edition runs – that way our fanbase can obtain a covetable object. We’re not interested in the production of bags, T-shirts, compasses, mugs, umbrellas or any of that rubbish. We like badges though, postcards with a group’s artwork on them, fanzines and pamphlets. There should be more stuff like that.

What releases / events have you got coming up?
The Sexual Objects / Peter Parker split-single is out at the end of April. A Paper Planes mini-album is scheduled for early summer. We’re looking for new acts to work with in the autumn. We’ll also be entering the Chem19 studios ourselves in October / November.

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