Carla Scott Fullerton: Lines Have Edges / Heather Cook (3 stars)

Carla Scott Fullerton: Lines Have Edges / Heather Cook

In contrast to the white walled professionalism of its neighbour Mary Mary, Ten till Ten’s project space retains signs of its original usage as an office suite. Woodchip wallpaper and a coordinating carpet form the backdrop for an exhibition of new work by Carla Scott Fullerton and the first UK outing for Los Angeles-based artist Heather Cook.

A strong contribution to Glasgow School of Art’s 2008 MFA exhibition highlighted Fullerton as an artist to watch, yet while her new work has its moments, it sometimes seems a little adrift and still in the process of development. Fullerton’s jointed multi-sided metal sculptures, often covered with different types of steel mesh, are left bare to show patches of rust or painted with purple or black gloss. These are solid works, but her acid-dipped etchings – white voids surrounded by strong textured black marks – are a promising development.

Cook’s fabric works are tacked to the walls in other rooms. By spraying jersey fabric with bleach, Cook creates a shadowy effect of waves and folds. This material is layered with tartan and other types of cloth to create the finished piece.

While Fullerton’s collective work is separately titled and the gallery literature presents the two artists as discreet entities, this is an artificial division. While this may reflect the wishes of the artists, it is through the juxtaposition of their work that the show really comes alive. Consideration of the entire presentation as the exhibition results in a much stronger impression.

Ten till Ten, Glasgow, until Mon 3 May

Ten Til Ten Presents Carla Scott Fullerton

  • 3 stars

Scott Fullerton shows her latest work which explores the associations, potential and physicality of materials in a constructed form. 'Part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art'.

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