Calvin Valentine's revenge plan

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 April 2010
Ricky Whittle

Ricky Whittle who plays Calvin Valentine

'Hollyoaks' Calvin Valentine (Ricky Whittle) falsely accuses his sister's boyfriend of assault after their feud escalates

Calvin Valentine falsely accuses his sister's boyfriend of assault.

The former policeman - played by Ricky Whittle - is furious when he mistakenly thinks Gaz (Joel Goonan) has got 17-year-old Lauren (Dominique Jackson) pregnant and joins forces with sibling Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) to frame the bully.

Ricky explained: "Viewers will remember that Sasha was attacked by someone in the village a while back.

"Calvin persuades her to go to the cops and tell them Gaz was her assailant - which of course is a lie because she didn't see who it was.

"Sasha's not exactly happy with Calvin right now after discovering he left Warren Fox to die, but she hates Gaz as much as he does - and goes along with it for Lauren's sake."

However, the sneaky plot causes another rift in the fractured Valentine household.

Ricky added to Inside Soap magazine: "Lauren was the one trying to broker peace between Calvin and Sasha but now she hates her brother as well. So now Calvin's managed to alienate everyone in his family apart from his dad Leo."

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