Peter Milligan - Human Target (4 stars)

Peter Milligan - Human Target


With the Human Target TV series getting its first UK airing on the Syfy channel this month, Peter Milligan’s four-part miniseries and graphic novel Final Cut have been collected together for the first time. If you think your life is in danger, Christopher Chance is the man to call. A private detective and master of disguise, he’ll step into your shoes and take over your role so perfectly that even your family and friends won’t be able to tell the difference. He quite literally then becomes a human target, and once the would-be assassins reveal themselves Chance will eliminate them. But his deception isn’t just through make-up and prosthetics, he literally takes on your personality and lives your life until the danger has been dealt with.

It’s the kind of story Milligan specialises in, a warped examination of the limits of human personality, writing Chance as a troubled, near-schizophrenic character with his own sanity getting lost amongst the chatter from the multiple personalities he’s assumed over the years. There’s a 50s noir vibe exemplified by the thick heavy lines of artists Edvin Biukovic and Javier Pulido. This is a great introduction to the character, far out-shining the TV show which never even attempts to grasp the core concept with Chance just being portrayed as a glorified bodyguard. Human Target is a twisting, clever and thrilling collection from one of comic’s sharpest writers.

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