Richard Madeley's TV terror

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  • 27 April 2010
Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley has spoken about a terrifying experience filming new reality TV show 'All At Sea' when his boat almost capsized

Richard Madeley almost drowned whilst filming a TV show.

The TV presenter - who stars alongside five celebrities in the new ITV show 'All At Sea' - admitted his wife Judy Finnigan was furious when she heard that the boat they'd been sailing almost capsized in a storm.

He said: "We were all pretty scared and Judy was furious when I told her. She said, 'So you might have drowned and all for a TV show!' "

Richard, 53, explained that he was taking part in a sailing tour of the South Coast starting at Land's End and ending in London with five celebrities - TV presenters Dawn Porter and Mark Durden-Smith, comedian Nick Hancock, cook Rosemary Shrager and actor Bradley Walsh - when the vessel they were on threatened to throw them overboard.

He told Britain's Hello! magazine: "We went out in force five winds, but by the time we got out into the Dover Straits it was gusting into a force seven and very hairy. The seas were coming towards us in mountainous waves. It was the heaviest gale there for 19 years.

"I could see this huge wave coming and shouted to the others. As I was looking at the flying bridge above me, I thought if the boat capsized I'd have to jump off or I'd get hit on the head. I had it planned out."

Fortunately the boat righted itself up and the group were able to continue safely on their way.

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