Denise Welch's alcohol rows

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  • 27 April 2010
Denise Welch

Denise Welch

Denise Welch has revealed her actor husband Tim Healy used to throw cold buckets of water over her following furious drunken rows between the pair as a way of getting his revenge on her

Denise Welch's husband used to throw cold buckets of water over her following furious rows between the pair.

The 51-year-old actress - who recently revealed she was a huge cocaine addict during the height of her fame, which included a three-year stint on 'Coronation Street' - admits she was also a heavy drinker, which would cause her to have blazing arguments with actor spouse Tim Healy and he was keen to get his revenge.

Writing in her autobiography 'Pulling Myself Together', which has been serialised in the Daily Mirror newspaper, Denise said: "We began having terrible, destructive, alcohol-fuelled fights, real humdingers. Alcohol was a major factor. We very rarely had massive rows when we were sober, all our arguments in those days were fuelled by alcohol and we fought about ridiculous things.

"I was impossible to argue with because I would never shut up, so it was very frustrating for Tim. After a really bad row, he would get so annoyed that he'd wait until I was asleep and then throw buckets of cold water all over me to get me back. When I woke up shrieking and moved to another bed, he's wait until I was asleep again before throwing another bucket of water on me, It was surreal!"

After many drunken occasions, the 'Loose Women' presenter decided to get help and joined Alcoholics Anonymous and while she still enjoys a drink, Denise won't let her life get taken over by it again.

She said: "I prefer my life with alcohol in it but I have to make sure I keep a check on it, so it doesn't get out of control again.

"I do like a party and I find it hard to enjoy a party without a few drinks. Don't we all? But I know when to stop nowadays. And Tim and I just don't have drunken fights any more. We're too old now; we just can't be bothered."

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