Louis Walsh for US X Factor?

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  • 26 April 2010
Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh is reported to have done so well in early screen tests of the US version of 'The X Factor' that he is now being seriously considered for a judging role on the singing competition

Louis Walsh is being tipped for a job on the US 'X Factor'.

The Irish star was well-received in an early screen test for the job, with sources claiming he did better than his fellow UK panellist Cheryl Cole - who has long been rumoured for a position on the judging panel alongside Simon Cowell.

A US source said: "Everyone presumes Cheryl will get offered the job because she looks the part.

"She's gorgeous and extremely camera-friendly and now has the working relationship with Will.I.Am which will help her break through in the States.

"But during test screenings they did struggle with her strong Geordie accent.

"It might surprise a few people in Britain that they would consider Louis over Cheryl but there is a huge Irish community. They can relate to Louis more than Cheryl."

In fact, the tests also showed few people liked the 26-year-old singer as they didn't know anything about her.

The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They scan relate to Louis more than Cheryl. They saw her as another pretty pop girl - and they have plenty of them already.

"It's not like in the UK where she has grown to become the nation's sweetheart. They don't really know her back story yet.

"They won't announce the presenters until nearer the time, but Louis is now well-ahead in the race to win the seat. "

Recently Louis stepped into Simon Cowell's judging shoes on 'Britain's Got Talent' when Simon fell ill and was unable to attend.

However, fellow panel member Amanda Holden revealed he didn't settle into the role easily.

She said: "Louis was completely different to Simon and he was absolutely obsessed with the buzzers.

"He just kept pressing it - it was like some kind of nervous twitch!

"But then he'd be watching jugglers saying 'You wouldn't sell records, you wouldn't sell records' and we had to remind him that that's the wrong show."

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