Britain's Got Talent hopeful's health battle

'Britain's Got Talent' acrobat Alex Uttley spent eight months recovering from a nerve-attacking condition when he was younger, and admits he was terrified of death during the ordeal

Britain's Got Talent contestants Spellbound

Britain's Got Talent contestants Spellbound

'Britain's Got Talent' gymnast Alex Uttley spent eight months recovering from a killer disease.

The athlete was paralysed with Guillain-Barre syndrome - where the body attacks the nervous system - after developing an ear infection, and spent eight months training to return to form five years ago.

Alex - a member of the gymnastics group Spellbound - said: "It started off as an ear infection and then all of a sudden I couldn't walk or lift my arms.

"Half my face was paralysed too. I could move a little but I couldn't walk. I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I was so scared.

"I went from gymnastic training five days a week to not been able to feed myself. Doctors put me on a drip and I just had to hope for the best."

"It could have been two weeks or two years. In the end I was in hospital for two weeks and after that I had to have physio.

"Luckily I was strong because of all the gymnastics and recovered quickly but it was eight months before I recovered fully."

Spellbound, made up of seven boys and six girls, entered 'Britain's Got Talent' with the hope of turning their acrobatic gymnastics into an Olympic sport.

Alex, 24, said: "We thought that we would give 'Britain's Got Talent' a shot to promote the sport so it can become an Olympic sport.

"We train three times a day, every single day. We put so much effort in and it's demoralising it's not taken seriously enough."


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