Exposure: Ex Libras

Exposure: Ex Libras

Ex Libras - Underachiever

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The Ex Libras are probably some of the only people with reason to be happy about the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland over the past week – living as they do on the approach path for Heathrow Airport, it’s given them a nice break from the noise of aeroplanes flying overhead. We had a chat with Ross, the drummer, and managed to touch on topics as diverse as corpses, model railways and Mogwai.

You’ve been getting a lot of comparisons (a fair few from The List, it must be said) initially to artists like Muse, but when people look closer, they see shades of ‘Kid A’-era Radiohead, and Sigur Ros.

Yeah, we get that quite a lot - and Mogwai too. We feel quite encouraged by those comparisons – these are all bands that have done amazingly well, and it also means fans of those artists get to hear about us and maybe give us a listen.

Not bad for three guys who famously practise and record in a garden shed.

Way back – about 40 or 50 years ago – this guy was a model train enthusiast, and he built this shed to keep his train set in. When some new owners took over, that all got cleared out and replaced with the usual shed stuff, like wood, dead bodies, etc. And now we’re in there, it’s all been soundproofed, and it’s perfect for our needs. It can get a bit cosy – it’s only 3m x 4m – so it’s lucky we’re just a three-piece!

What are your feelings on the upcoming tour in The North?

We’ve had a really good response from audiences up there – the 13th Note actually contacted us to see if we could play a gig, because we’ve got quite a good following up that way. We’ve also had great support from Glasgow PodcART, so we’ll be doing a session with them on before the gig on the 2nd. Loads of bands come back from Scotland with great tour stories, so we’re hoping to create some of our own!

Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Wed 28 Apr; 13th Note, Glasgow, Sun 2 May. ‘Underachiever’, the second single from debut album ‘Suite(s)’, is out Mon 10 May.

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