Lauren Valentine lies over Spencer sex

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  • 23 April 2010
Hollyoaks actress Dominique Jackson

Hollyoaks actress Dominique Jackson

'Hollyoaks' character Spencer Gray will get plied with alcohol by Lauren Valentine and her boyfriend Gaz Bennett - who then trick him into believing he slept with the sixth form student

'Hollyoaks' Spencer Gray will get plied with alcohol and told he slept with Lauren Valentine.

The vulnerable club owner character - portrayed by Darren John Langford - will be tricked into giving the sixth form student, played by Dominique Jackson, and her boyfriend Gaz Bennett (Joel Goonan) alcohol and left "speechless" when they tell him he had sex with her.

Joel said: "It's not planned - they just want to use Spencer to get hold of some alcohol for them.

"They persuade the guy to try some booze, and he ends up really liking it and getting drunk."

While Spencer is in this drunken state, Gaz suggests they play a prank on him and Lauren decides to "run" with the idea.

He explained: "Gaz suggests that they pretend Spencer slept with Lauren, but only says it as a joke. Lauren seizes the idea and runs with it, though, and poor Spencer's absolutely speechless when they lie about what happened."

The soap couple then try to turn the lies into a money-making scheme, and tell Spencer - who suffers from learning difficulties - he needs to give Lauren some money to visit a doctor.

These lies are expected to escalate over the next few weeks, because the soap's recent 'flash forward' episode - which showed Lauren's older brother Calvin Valentine (Ricky Whittle) get shot by an unknown assailant in an upcoming show - there was a scene where Lauren told Spencer she was pregnant with his child.

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