Kate Ford 'scared' of Corrie comeback

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  • 22 April 2010
Kate Ford

Kate Ford

Kate Ford was ''terrified'' of returning to 'Coronation Street' because she had got so used to being at home with her family

Kate Ford was "terrified" of returning to 'Coronation Street'.

The actress - who is set to reprise her role as murderess Tracy Barlow three years after her departure - admits she had got so used to spending time at home with husband Jon Connerty and their son Otis, two, that going back to work was a daunting prospect.

She said: "When you've been at home with a baby, you're so used to spending time one-on-one that going back to work is really terrifying.

"As anyone who has had a baby and spent time at home knows, you lose your confidence a bit. But it's not new for me to be a nervous wreck, just to varying degrees.

"Even so, I've loved it more than I expected. It felt like a new job again."

Kate, 32, had originally planned to return to the show a few months after giving birth, but kept putting off her comeback, despite repeated requests from producers.

She explained in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "I thought I would go back straight away but I remember going to a meeting when Otis was just three months and breast milk was leaking and I thought, 'I'm just not ready.'

"Between a year and two years after I had Otis they kept asking. It was flattering."

Kate's alter-ego will return to the soap after she makes a deal with police to help them convict her former neighbour Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth) of the murder of her husband Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale).

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