Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts (4 stars)

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts

(Sub Pop)

Sometimes nothing but a ferocious, flail-inducing racket will do. And in those darkest, riff-craving moments, Male Bonding are everything you need and more. Nothing Hurts is the debut effort from the London trio and it speeds along gloriously; 13 tracks of stripped down guitar and breakneck-speed drumming all weighing in at just around the two minute mark. Highlights are plentiful, just skip to ‘Weird Feelings’, ‘Nothing Remains’, ‘Year’s Not Long’, ‘All Things This Way’, ‘Pumpkin’, ‘Paradise Vendors’ or ‘Pirate Key’ and prepare to be astounded by the expert levels of skill and musicianship on display as the band pound through their perfectly honed noise pop. Spectacular.

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