Various Artists - Fabric 52: Optimo (Espacio)

Various Artists - Fabric 52: Optimo (Espacio)


Optimo (the club) will be over by the time you read this, but you can now own another slice of Optimo (the sound) to recreate the glory days in your own living room. Just close the blinds, paint the walls black and turn this on.

Despite the presence of Frank ‘Fad Gadget’ Tovey’s fearsome industrial anthem ‘Lady Shave’ to break in Fabric’s more conservative listeners, the preponderance of instrumental techno in the first half of this suggests a sop to the label’s regulars. Once Thomas Brinkmann’s austere ‘Walk With Me’ has kicked in and obscure German new wavers Rheingold have provided some analogue relief, though, we slip into the realm of gorgeous, distinctive electropop, particularly ‘Don’t Call’ by Italians Do It Better’s Desire and Matias Aguayo’s ‘Walter Neff’. Irresistible, just like the majority of this compilation.


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