Super Adventure Club - Avoid Zombies (4 stars)

Super Adventure Club - Avoid Zombies

(Armellodie Records)

Avoid Zombies, eh? Good advice indeed from this Glasgow trio’s latest release, but that’s the only sensible thing about it. The opening track is called ‘Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle’ forchrissakes, and from there on in the Super Adventure Club madness unfolds in a typically brilliant and chaotic, off-kilter indie pop kind of way. Songs start and stop, switch time signatures and direction, make bizarre references (marsupials, Steve McQueen, Nosferatu, Dustin Hoffman and stabiliser wheels are just a few) and at one point even advise us to ‘Think Like A Fish’. Super Adventure Club then; a weird bunch but utterly loveable.


1. DIL2324 Apr 2010, 11:54am Report

:( - this review should have given this record FIVE(5) stars - it's brilliant!!! - go out and buy a copy.

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