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  • 1 September 2006

The best comedy

John Hegley Everyone’s favourite lyrical lad from Luton returns to please his west coast fans after having a bonzer time in Edinburgh this August with his Uncut Confetti malarkey. You don’t have to be keen on potatoes, dogs and spectacles to get the Hegley shtick, but it may well be handy. Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 8 Sep.

Paddy McGuinness The northern chap from Max and Paddy who rather obviously isn’t Peter Kay, continues his Dark Side tour with amiable banter about the order of things here. Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 8 Sep.

Ross Noble More knockabout fun here with the guy who’s happy to have pretty much nothing to do with the Edinburgh Fringe these days. Thankfully, he is now dropping in to give us a taste of his Fizzy Logic. See caption. Playhouse, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Sep.

Jerry Sadowitz ‘Amiable’ and ‘banter’ are not really words in this misanthropic New Jersey-born, Glasgow-raised comic (pictured). This set of shows is rumoured to include the most uproariously offensive material in his career. Which is saying something. Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 14-Sat 16 Sep.

Janey Godley You could have forgiven Ms Godley if she’d indulged in a very long lie down after doing a mere three Edinburgh shows last month. But she’s made of sterner stuff than that. Jongleurs, Glasgow, Fri 15 & Sat 16 Sep.

Dave Fulton A welcome return for this shaggy-haired, wispy-chinned US comic who is just as likely to be climbing a mountain this weekend as he is stepping onto a comedy stage. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 21 Sep.

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