Ben Affleck's 'global responsibility'

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  • 20 April 2010
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's 'global responsibility'

Ben Affleck was inspired to do charity work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the ''global responsibility'' he felt after becoming a father

Ben Affleck was inspired to do charity work by his children.

The 'Smokin' Aces' actor - who has done extensive aid work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa - said fatherhood made him develop a "global responsibility" and spurred him to charity work.

Ben - who has two daughters, Violet Anne, four and Seraphina, 15 months with his wife Jennifer Garner - told website "I think most people are empathetic and see people who are struggling and are responsive to that, but for me having my own children definitely added to that sense of global responsibility and made me feel even more for other people's suffering."

Ben, 37, was speaking at a fundraising event for the Children Mending Hearts' (CMH) third annual 'Peace Please' event - which raised funds for to help homeless and at-risk children in the United States and refugee children suffering from armed conflict worldwide, where he was one of the hosts of the night.

He added: "One I've been to Eastern Congo for a bit so I've seen firsthand a lot of what's going on there, and what these folks are seeking to address and I've been personally moved by that."

Ben also launched the Eastern Congo Initiative to help charitable causes in the region last month and took a five day trip to the state to help support aid relief there.

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