Annoying judge Amanda Holden?

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  • 19 April 2010
Amanda Holden

Annoying judge Amanda Holden?

'Britain's Got Talent' judge Amanda Holden believes she can be annoying because she isn't ''cool'' and doesn't try to hide her emotions

Amanda Holden thinks she annoys people.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge believes she can be irritating because she isn't "cool" or "trendy" and doesn't try to hide her emotions during the audition stages of the reality talent show.

She said: "I'm not cool. I can't pretend to be cool and I can't pretend to be trendy. So I can't make any apologies for myself.

"I cry unashamedly all the time. I know it annoys people and I know that some people love it. But I can't help it, it's just me, just the way I am. I don't try to cover up anything. I completely wear my heart on my sleeve."

Because of this, the 39-year-old actress also is still shocked at the level of success she has achieved, especially with some small presenting jobs in the US.

She added to Now magazine: "The American thing's taking off really nicely for me, so I'm thrilled about that.

"I'm making a little dent and I managed to do it - well, really I'm on Simon Cowell's coat-tails and I'm on Susan Boyle's coat-tails, but technically it was off my own bat. So all those hints to Simon paid off in the end."

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