Tobias Mead's family feud

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  • 18 April 2010
Tobias Mead

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Tobias Mead has spoken about the rift his love of dance caused in his family, revealing his two brothers no longer speak to his parents

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Tobias Mead was dubbed "little gay boy" by his family over his love of dance.

The 22-year-old hopeful - who was seen last night (17.04.10) wowing the judges with his backwards body-popping routine - has spoken about the way his passion caused a rift with his brothers after he turned his back on a promising soccer career.

Tobias, 22, said: "I told my dad Doug I wasn't interested in football and he said, 'Well what else are you going to do with your life?'

"I told him I wanted to be a dancer and was applying for a performing arts course. He said dancing was gay and it was a phase I was going through.

"My brothers Simon and Oliver hated me dancing - they thought it ruined their street cred. They had quite hard ¬reputations in town and felt my dancing was embarrassing and rubbed off on them. At home they called me 'Billy Elliot' and 'twinkle toes' and said, 'stop being gay'.

"For a long time my dad wouldn't talk to me at all."

Tobias - who was backed by his mother Susan and sisters Cerrian, 29, and Georgina, 21 - eventually won over his dad after he watched him perform, but Simon, 31, and 25-year-old Oliver no longer have any contact with their family.

Simon now has a daughter with his long-term girlfriend and Oliver recently got married - without telling his family.

Tobias added in an interview with the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "It is silly that their prejudices have torn our family apart.

"The last time I spoke to my older brother he said, 'Tell mum to stop ¬sending presents to my daughter. She's not ¬having anything to do with her.' I refused to tell her that and then he said, 'If I ever see you again I'm going to smash your face in.' I haven't spoken to either since."

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