Nicola Roberts shy with Girls

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  • 18 April 2010
Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts shy with Girls

Nicola Roberts has a ''circle of trust'' with her Girls Aloud bandmates and admits it took a while before she let them meet her boyfriend Charlie Fennell

Nicola Roberts found it hard to introduce her boyfriend to her bandmates.

The Girls Aloud singer - who has been dating 23-year-old entrepreneur Charlie Fennell for 18 months - left it for some time before initiating a meet-up because the group have such a tight "circle of trust".

She said: "We're all very protective of each other, I introduced him quite slowly. We have a circle of trust and you have to earn your place in it.

"I wouldn't ever want to bring someone in just because I was smitten; lust can glaze your eyes over and you can make poor judgments. So I had to make absolutely sure he was a good egg before I put him in their company!"

The 24-year-old star said her bandmates - Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh and Nadine Coyle - bonded with her beau instantly and they even get upset if she goes out without him.

She said: "He got the seal of approval and now he's in the circle, so whenever I turn up, they ask, 'Is Charlie here?' Because he's so comfortable around them, they feel comfortable too. They look disappointed when I say no. You've got to have a big personality to cope with the force of all five of us, and Charlie's got that. He has them all laughing. He's funny."

Girls Aloud

The return of the best act to come out of reality TV in this country, celebrating ten years in the pop business with a greatest hits set on what is rumoured to be their final tour.

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