Mr. Hudson's savoury gift

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  • 18 April 2010
Mr. Hudson

Mr Hudson

'Supernova' hitmaker Mr. Hudson was left bemused but impressed when a fan gave him a bunch of flowers - made from pastry

Mr. Hudson was given roses made out of pastry from a fan.

The 'Supernova' hitmaker was left impressed by the culinary tribute made by one of his supporters, who had been inspired by one of his songs.

He explained: "There's a song on my first album called 'Bread and Roses'. We were on tour in Oxford and a girl approached me with these beautifully baked flowers that she'd made out of puff pastry and stuck on a rose stem.

"It was kind of weird and wonderful at the same time. I've still got them, too."

While he enjoys receiving gifts from his fans, the singer - real first name Ben - recently admitted he has to keep a close eye on his belongings while performing as things get taken if he jumps into the crowd.

He said: "I've lost watches, hats allsorts. That's what I wear skinny jeans, it's hard to get those off.

"I've had a lot of t-shirts disfigured and ripped, but thankfully none of them have properly come off - I'm an Englishman, y'know, I've got a one pack. If people are going to be tearing my clothes off I need to get some gym time in.

"I used to wear hats a lot and I would treat myself to like a £100 hat and y'know, life on the road, people would sit on them, or just take it off my head and run off with it. It was purely economic in the end, I had to stop because I can't spend £100 a week on hats!"

Mr Hudson

R&B and pop from the award-winning singer and producer.

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