Danny Dyer blasts 'smug' BGT

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  • 17 April 2010
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer blasts 'smug' BGT

British actor Danny Dyer has blasted the judges on 'Britain's Got Talent' for being ''smug'' and untalented

Danny Dyer has blasted "smug" 'Britain's Got Talent' judges.

The actor - who is currently shooting a movie in Norway - insists he is happy not to be in the UK while the reality TV contest is being screened because he despises panellists Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden so much.

He told Zoo magazine: "I'm delighted I'm not around to see the start of 'Britain's Got Talent' this weekend.

"Simon Cowell is Simon Cowell - that's all good. But Amanda 'Fishmouth' Holden and Piers Morgan? I can't bear their smug little faces, so I'm glad I'm able to swerve it. Who are they to be judging anyone on talent? Some two bob mouthy ex-editor and a complete non-entity. Holden is the worst actress I've ever seen in my life."

Danny insists he would never want to be a judge on such a show because he wouldn't know how to respond to some of the auditioning acts.

He added: "I couldn't be a judge on that show. It's a mad thing to sit on your throne and start judging people - especially with all these random acts. I couldn't comment on some juggling dog, could I?"

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