Confused judge Louis Walsh

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  • 16 April 2010
Louis Walsh

Confused judge Louis Walsh

'The X Factor' judge Louis Walsh got confused about what show he was working on when he stepped in for Simon Cowell on 'Britain's Got Talent' earlier this year

Louis Walsh kept confusing 'Britain's Got Talent' with 'The X Factor'.

The Irish boy band manager stepped in and replaced Simon Cowell for a few days during the audition rounds of the variety show when he was ill with the flu, but Louis didn't understand how to use the judging buzzers and kept thinking he was on the singing show instead.

Judge Amanda Holden revealed on 'This Morning': "Louis was completely different to Simon and he was absolutely obsessed with the buzzers.

"He just kept pressing it - it was like some kind of nervous twitch!

"But then he'd be watching jugglers saying 'you wouldn't sell records, you wouldn't sell records' and we had to remind him that that's the wrong show.

"He kept using all his 'X Factor' lines on the show that did not work."

However, the 39-year-old actress - who is usually joined on the judging panel by former newspaper editor Piers Morgan - is adamant 'Britain's Got Talent' is nothing like the singing show Simon also works on.

She added: "Our chemistry is totally different to 'The X Factor' - I think 'The X Factor' is about the judges and about what happens between them and with our show, I think it's definitely about the acts.

"And it's widely reported and it's definitely true that the three of us get on incredibly well - we socialise together, we love each other, we take the mickey out of each other - I take so much stick from Piers but it doesn't matter because we are all friends and we can deal with it."

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