Ash's unlimited alphabet

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  • 16 April 2010
Tim Wheeler

Ash's unlimited alphabet Ash singer Tim Wheeler

Ash are enjoying releasing one single every two weeks and are glad they didn't set themselves strict rules when coming up with song titles

Ash worried their A-Z singles collection could look "desperate".

The 'Burn Baby Burn' singers have shunned the traditional album format in order to release one single a fortnight, categorised by a different letter of the alphabet.

However the group decided not to make the song titles begin with a different letter as they thought it would be too restrictive.

Frontman Tim Wheeler said: "No, there isn't a different letter for each track. We didn't want to limit ourselves when writing the songs, it was just a loose concept, it ties the artwork together. But it would have been fun - or a bit desperate."

The group have just released single N - which is entitled 'Dare To Dream' - and despite being over halfway through the series, wish they could extend it further.

Tim added to Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd: "It's been really rewarding, I'd like to keep going with it. Things come and go so quickly, but with this we're around for a whole year and it's a lot more interactive and current.

"It's really fun and each track gets a lot more scrutiny than it would just as an album track, which can get a bit lost."

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