Julianne Moore's doctor dream

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  • 16 April 2010
Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore's doctor dream

Hollywood star Julianne Moore believes she would have become a doctor if she didn't make it as an actress

Julianne Moore would have been a doctor is she wasn't an actress.

The 49-year-old actress - whose mother Anne Love was a psychiatrist - believes she could have had a great career in medicine if her acting dreams hadn't worked out.

She said: "I think I would be a doctor. I think I would enjoy that. My mother was a psychiatrist. I could imagine doing that as well."

Although she is a successful Hollywood actress, Julianne still enjoys broadening her horizons and is a published children's author.

The 'A Single Man' star has written tomes about the adventures of Freckleface Strawberry - a semi-biographical character - and she loves the freedom writing gives her.

She added to website Skip.at: "That's another career path for me. I love writing books for children, especially since it has nothing to do with films or acting. And it's great doing something with or for children.

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