Convection heater first casualty of war on waste

Editor's Green Blog

The Editor's green Blog

The List’s editor, Jonny Ensall, ditches bad habits in favour of a fortnight of green living.

I am not the Earth’s best friend. If I’m honest, we rarely see eye-to-eye. My side of our relationship is based around a lot of taking and not much giving. I don’t offset my carbon emissions. I don’t recycle the waste that I create. And I must be in for some bad karma after that summer I spent clubbing seals.

All joking aside, my blissful ignorance of the harm my bad habits are causing the world has got to come to an end. Plunging in at the deep end, I’ve set myself up for two weeks of puritanical eco-living, and I’ll be blogging most days about my (hopefully) improving relationship with the planet.

For starters, I’m writing this while sitting in a pocket of super-heated air beside my living room’s 2200W convection heater. This, of course, has got to go. But how best to dispose of it? I could scrap it, but that’s hardly solving any problems. I could freecycle it but then I’d just be passing on my junkie-ish addiction to warm rooms onto another Earth-abuser. Still, I reason that the latter is the best course of action, so the heater’s going onto with a disclaimer: ‘Free to anyone who can prove it will be used responsibly.’

That moral dilemma solved, my next green choice is an easier one to make. I’m chucking out the supermarket vegetables, with their chemically-enhanced, flawless finish and unnecessary packaging, and bringing in the organic food box, with misshapen veggies swimming in clods of honest muck. After a bit of research I’ve decided to order the £12 vegetable box from

Smugness is the enemy of my progress, so I’m now going to put on my itchiest jumper to atone for the winter months of illicit convected heat. Bring on salvation!

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