Six essential eco-gadgets


Spend yourself green! John-Paul Holden suggests you kit out your life with these must-have eco items

Househeat Boiler Connect
Boiler Connect: £119.95; thermostat unit: £44.99; radiator valve motor: £39.99, all by HouseHeat,
An easy-to-install and efficient home heating control system. Boiler Connect works wirelessly with HouseHeat's thermostat unit and motorised radiator valves to fire the central boiler or switch it off according to each room's temperature setting, allowing independent heating control in different areas of your home.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Radio-Controlled Car
Price on request
Unveiled at February’s Nuremberg Toy and Hobby Fair, this is the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell power system for radio-controlled cars. An order form with a list of component prices can be requested at

Nordic 6l Eco Shower Head
Get ‘cloud burst’-style, high-pressure showers thanks to a unique turbine vane release system that’s kind to the earth’s depleting water tables. The Nordic Shower dramatically reduces the amount of water you use in the shower without leaving you feeling you’re standing under a trickle.

Toucan mp4 player
Enjoy multimedia content courtesy of the sun. The Toucan also recharges in artificial light. Just face its integrated solar panel towards the light and watch it juice up. 4GB of internal memory enables storage of a huge multimedia library which can be increased using SD mini-cards.

Electro City Scooter
£1200 + VAT, from Charge Ltd,
If you're in the city and looking to travel at minimal cost to the environment, this is the machine for you. Fully electric and with 30mph top speeds, the Electro City is fast, clean, nifty-looking and, with each battery recharge costing just 8p, cheap as chips. Charge time: 2–8 hours; max range: 40 miles. Beat the commuter crush in style and save zillions.

Yogen Hand Charger
Re-charge your iPod or MP3 player by pulling a string. The action turns a mini-flywheel which can produce up to five watts of power to charge everything from iPods and iPhones to portable video game consoles. No need for mains supply so recharging can be done anytime, anywhere.


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