The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter (4 stars)

The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter

(Domino Records)

Love him or loathe him, Mancunian Mark E Smith is arguably punk music’s last ambassador since a certain butter-loving ‘Anchor-man’ was discovered in a certain celebrity jungle. Studio album number 30-something and their first since 2008’s Wax Imperial Solvent, Smith has managed to retain all band members for once, while signing on the dotted line for Domino Records.

Never lyrically shy to slag or namecheck the odd place, pop group or TV programme (Bury, Mexico, Chicory Tip, Murder She Wrote etc all come in for ridicule here), Mark E delivers his unique slurring banter on Fall-by-numbers tracks such as ‘Cowboy George’, ‘Funnel Of Love’ & ‘Hot Cake’. Mark E’s not so much a ‘hideous replica’, more of a ‘hip priest’ of our time.

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