The Swellers - Ups and Downsizing (4 stars)

The Swellers - Ups and Downsizing

(Fueled by Ramen)

It’s rare when a band blows you away on first listen. The Swellers do just that. This album is back-to-basics pop punk, sitting at the same end of the spectrum as Over It/ No Use For A Name/ or Jimmy Eat World with more balls: a welcome relief from the saccharine sweet vocals and synths of the likes of LA pop-rockers Metro Station or Baltimore punk-poppers, All Time Low.

Ups And Downsizing is essentially the perfect blend of pop punk: massive melodic hooks, effortless harmonies and they’ve even turned the token slow song ‘Stars’ into an album highlight. Easily the best release Fueled By Ramen have put out in donkeys.

The Swellers play as part of the Give It A Name Introduces Tour, King Tuts, Glasgow, Sun 2 May.

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