Three Blind Wolves - The Sound of the Storm (4 stars)

Three Blind Wolves - The Sound of the Storm

(Instinctive Raccoon)

Three Blind Wolves, see how they run? That’s right, they run like lovesick delinquents through decades of vintage Scottish rock – by way of country, blues and folk – and come out sounding downright affable.

The new and fashionably lupine designate of formidable Glasgow singer-songwriter Ross Clark and his band, Three Blind Wolves are dulcet, wounded and fairly feral on this debut mini-album.

If it lacks the bruised anthem ‘Sex is for Losers’, released earlier this year, then it compensates with fiery Americana (‘Hotel’, ‘Black Bowl Park’), howling alt-country (‘Emily Rose’, ‘Three Blind Wolves’), and – in 50s croon ‘Hopeless Romantic’ – some voracious rock ‘n’ roll.

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