Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face (4 stars)

Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face


Let’s celebrate it from the rooftops: the Deacon Blue revival is finally upon us. If The Last Battle (and of course Frightened Rabbit) herald a renaissance in melodic Scottish rock, then leading the charge are Glasgow pop heartbreakers Admiral Fallow – formerly Brother Louis Collective – a six-piece who harmoniously conflate male/female interchange, choral bombast and grey-blue Scottish imagery (the sea, the sky, our tears, the rain).

From soaring anatomic nocturne ‘Dead Against Smoking’ to combative folk-rock symphony ‘Subbutteo’ (which unleashes a delirious and unexpected final nigh-on minute of prog), Admiral Fallow are set to soundtrack our forthcoming festivals, fireworks and Hogmanays.

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