7VWWVW with Wounded Knee (4 stars)

7VWWVW with Wounded Knee

Whitehill School, Glasgow, Thu 25 Mar 2010

Sometimes the ‘where’ is just as important as the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’. So the setting was a key player at this beautifully oddball one-off show; where a high school lecture hall in Dennistoun hosted Edinburgh analogue synthesiser collective, 7VWWVW (or Mammal, out loud), performing ‘Here is Where’, a specially composed tribute to bobble-hatted Scots rambling legend, Tom Weir.

Dressed in woolly socks, tweed blazers and rucksacks, and swigging from a hip flask while playing, the four were joined by Edinburgh voice artist Wounded Knee, wrapping his peaty, mossy brogue around their glowing ambient soundscapes, while a screen showed wee Tam bouncing up hill-sides or grinning over stone dykes. ‘Aye, it’s a rare view!’, he beamed from the top of Arthur’s Seat; the end of 40-odd minutes of rainbow visuals of hot air balloons, soaring mountain panoramas and drizzly glens from Weir’s Way. Vintage technology, Scots riddling (Wounded Knee did a spectacular tongue-twist around Edwin Morgan’s ‘Canedolia’) and gently throbbing, mesmerising electronica. Aye, rare indeed.

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