Exposure: Factory Floor

Exposure: Factory Floor

Fuck Buttons heard this London trio play once. Once was enough, and they asked them along as support on their UK tour. Factory Floor (who renamed themselves 'FF' for a brief heartbeat, before, enigmatically, becoming Factory Floor once more) are Gabe Gurnsey (battering drums within an inch of their life), Dom Butler (creating a wall of noise with synths and effects) and Nik Colk (attacking guitars with drumsticks and violin bows, and singing). They make intense, pummeling, dark synthy noise, along similar lines to Sunn O))), Throbbing Gristle or Sonic Youth. And, before you ask, no, the name's got nothing to do with Factory Records…

'We always bloody get that,' laughs Gurnsey. 'The name's more about democracy, you know? No leader, like on a factory floor, we all share the roles.'

How would you describe your music?
'Probably industrial dance. We like it when the crowd gets into it and starts dancing – it's better than staring at us like we're a bunch of freaks. It can sound quite aggressive, maybe. Repetitive, relentless and bloody loud. I think me and Dom are a bit deaf actually – we need everything turned right up.'

And what did Fuck Buttons have to say about them?
'It was just really driving, really powerful stuff,' says Benjamin Power. They totally blew us away.'

Supporting Fuck Buttons, The Arches, Sat 24 Apr. Their debut mini album, Untitled is released on blastfirstpetite on Mon 3 May. www.myspace.com/factoryfloor

Fuck Buttons

Experimental noise duo from Bristol.

Fuck Buttons

The experimental duo play songs from their album Tarot Sport.


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