Mark Lanegan lines up Glasgow Oran Mor date

Mark Lanegan lines up Glasgow Oran Mor date

Whisky-soaked, gravel-throated singer for hire, arch rock’n’roll collaborator and all-round vocal misery guts.

Where’s he from, then?
Lanegan first came into the public eye in the late 80s and early 90s fronting the Screaming Trees, one of the leading lights in the grunge explosion of Seattle and the surrounding area. His band were at the bluesy, soulful end of the grunge spectrum, as shown on their seminal Sweet Oblivion album, a direction Lanegan explored further with his solo material after the band split in 2000.

Where can I hear him these days?
Jesus, where do we start? Well, he’s released half a dozen exemplary solo albums, a back catalogue which this current acoustic tour will be delving into. But Lanegan is best known as a compulsive musical collaborator. He has released two acclaimed albums with Glasgow’s Isobel Campbell, sung for Queens of the Stone Age, gigged with Greg Dulli as The Gutter Twins and acted as frontman for English electronica duo Soulsavers. Amongst many, many other joint ventures.

And he’s miserable, you say?
More kind of scarily deadpan, really. The List has interviewed him on several occasions, and never once got close to squeezing a smile out of the man. Mind, he’s not had his demons to seek, having had trouble with drink and drugs over the years. Last time we spoke he was housesitting for former G’n’R bassist Duff McKagan, which probably isn’t the best way of staying sober.

Mark Lanegan plays Oran Mor, Glasgow, Mon 26 Apr.

Mark Lanegan and Creature with the Atomic Brain

The gruff but soulful tones of the Screaming Trees/Queens of the Stone Age vocalist singing bourbon-soaked Americana and grizzly rock.

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