Wooden Shjips and Trembling Bells set for Glasgow date

Wooden Shjips and Trembling Bells set for Glasgow date

Formed in San Francisco, California in 2003 – once a Mecca of sorts for the chemical adventurers and free-spirited musicians of the 60s/70s – Wooden Shjips are purveyors of droning psychedelica, so mind-bending and caked in searing noise, it plays out like it could be the result of some fuzzed-out, hallucinogenic seance.

Originally a way for guitarist/organist Ripley Johnson to create a 'unique' musical project using a horde of untrained band members whose instrumental expertise barely transcended air guitar, Wooden Shjips have eventually boiled themselves down to a considerably more manageable, but no less memerising four-piece.

After a string of self released singles (which they planned to leave in libraries or on park benches for people to pick up), followed by two standout 10"s, the band finally released their self-titled debut LP on Holy Mountain Records in 2007 and found themselves the recipients of critical acclaim they had neither intentionally sought nor expected. Continuing through this critical hooplah, the Shjips released their follow up, aptly titled, Dos last year. Spanning nearly 40 minutes across only five tracks, the album showcases the band's penchant for enveloping, minimal, Krautrocker grooves, but with the advent of considerably increased clarity.

To coincide with the release of the band's second volume of off-cuts and rarities – as well as a brief stint with newly-reformed legends, Pavement, including this year's All Tomorrow's Parties – Wooden Shjips are taking their acid-soaked rock to Glasgow this fortnight. So, for those still haunted by the spirit of Jim Morrison, or the litany of 60s/70s pysch-rock casualties, this is truly a must.

With Trembling Bells, Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 17 Apr

Wooden Shjips

Californian drone rockers.

RM Hubbert and Moon Unit

Glasgow guitarist and trio celebrate International Record Shop Day, with special guests to be confirmed. Stuart from Mogwai and Wooden Shjips DJ, plus there's homebaking and a quiz.

Wooden Shjips, Nightworker Revival

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Californian psychedelic rock four-piece from San Francisco.

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