Mish Gorecki Goes Missing

Mish Gorecki Goes Missing

As anyone who has been part of a family will testify, it’s not always easy to get your voice heard – especially when you’re the littlest. For nine-year-old Mish Gorecki, convincing her parents to listen to her is proving almost impossible, calling for some pretty drastic action.

Written by Australian playwright Skye Loneragan, Mish Gorecki Goes Missing is the poignant yet witty tale of a young girl’s desire to visit the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. Having been chosen for the trip by her ballet teacher, all she needs is her parents’ signature on the permission slip, but they’re too busy with their own concerns to notice. For Loneragan, the notion of a child carrying the burden of responsibility for the entire family was a starting point ripe with potential.

‘I was intrigued by the idea of a young kid getting self-worth from her role as the rock in the family,’ she explains, ‘and then having to relinquish that role to get what she wants. If you try and get attention by removing yourself, can that be successful?’ Aimed at ages eight and above, the story draws on Loneragan’s own experience of childhood, mixed with a mythical short story she wrote about the desire to get away, hence Mish’s longing for the excitement of Russia.

So, does she get there – is there a happy ending? ‘Without spoiling things, I believe the ending is very hopeful,’ says Loneragan. ‘Because Mish realises she has the ability to dance whether she gets to Russia or not. And that the things that will lift her out of her situation are within her. She can’t change the way people around her behave, but she can change her reaction to them, which may change her situation. So in the end she gets what she needs.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 15–Sun 25 Apr

Mish Gorecki Goes Missing

Little Mish goes to extreme measures to get her family to notice her, in this witty yet moving new play by Australian playwright Skye Loneragan. Ages 8+.

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