Lucy Porter

Lucy Porter

As a comedian, when you find the funny in something that’s very much of the moment there’s always the risk that at some point you’ll discover it’s either out of date or there’s an unexpected glut of gags on the same subject. Suddenly it doesn’t look so original. Of late, that’s happened to Lucy Porter a couple of times; such as when the recession railroaded The Bear Necessities, her show that took a pop at the culture of excess. By the time she toured it, everyone had discovered frugality chic. Now it’s those cash for gold ads featured in her latest show Fool’s Gold.

‘When I starting doing the show those adverts were still quite new and interesting but because they proliferated so much everybody’s talking about them,’ she laments. ‘You think you’ve really captured something about the zeitgeist, then you take it on tour six months later; it does mean that I’ve had to quite radically rewrite bits of the show.’

Still, Porter’s not shy of hard work, producing a brand new show for the Edinburgh Fringe for several years now. She’s a long way from the Granada TV researcher based in Manchester who first tried stand-up 30 miles away from home in Chester because, ‘I was writing for The Big Issue about comedy and I always had that thing where I knew people I reviewed. I didn’t really want to do my first gig in Manchester, as everybody I knew would be there.’ Needless to say she can gig in front of all her mates these days. And can be tremendously proud of her set, small rewrites and all.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 21 Apr

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