Five comedy shows worth watching on TV

Five comedy shows worth watching on TV

1: Outnumbered
This superb celebration of parental incompetence continues with mum (Claire Skinner) finding an inappropriate image on the family computer and launching an investigation to discover the dodgy downloader’s identity. BBC1, Thu 15 Apr, 9.30pm.

2: Facejacker
Kayvan Novak is back to menace society but this time he’s getting out from behind his ‘fone’ and breathing face to face life into the likes of car salesman Terry Tibbs, unsubtle scamster Augustus Kwembe and perennial complainer Dufrais. Channel 4, Fri 16 Apr, 10pm.

3: South Park
Does it really seem like 199 episodes since Cartman got an anal probe from some aliens? Numero 200 is on tonight but hasn’t even been filmed yet, so you can expect bang-up-to date topicality and massive controversy. Comedy Central, Fri 16 Apr, 10.30pm.

4: Comedy Lab
The series which helped launch the careers of Peter Kay, Russell Brand and Mitchell & Webb about a hundred years ago returns with a fresh bunch of comic half hours all week. Among the thrusting talents involved during this series are Jack Whitehall, Kristen Schaal, James Inbetweeners Buckley and Mike Wozniak. Channel 4, starts Sun 18 Apr, 11.30pm.

5: Glee
Series two of the all-singing, all-dancing, occasionally laugh-inducing show hits our screens with nasty old Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) back from her condo in Boca and hatching ever more devious ways to disband the Glee club.

E4, Mon 19 Apr, 9pm.