Kate Simko guests at Equalised and Introduction

Kate Simko giests at Equalised and Introduction

Kate Simko is unapologetic about her geekiness. What will her live show consist of, I ask? ‘It’s truly a live performance,’ she replies in her email, ‘with an analogue drum machine, MIDI controller and laptop. Well, fingers crossed. I just realised the tempo button on my Roland TR-505 is broke, so I hope my new MFB-522 drum machine arrives in time for the tour.’ Civilians and non-trainspotters: just leave her to it.

Despite her tech-geekery Simko creates music of an unusual tenderness and delicacy, particularly considering this Chicago girl started out going to ‘underground parties and raves as a teenager.’ Right now, Simko is working on her first full length album for Spectral Sound (also the US home of Matthew Dear) and a side project with Tevo Howard, but her ambitions lie beyond the dancefloor. Her first remix was of a Philip Glass track, she’s released a soundtrack to a documentary about physicists entitled Music From the Atom Smashers and she’s constructing an audio-visual installation with Jeffrey Weeter. ‘I absolutely love this kind of work,’ she says. ‘It’s something I can picture myself doing more regularly in the future, when I’m a little too old to be hanging late at the club. I’d like to make music that is appreciated as art, not just for booty-shaking.’

Equalised at Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 16 Apr; Introduction at Studio 24, Edinburgh, Sat 17 Apr


Hypnotic, organic techno and minimal tracks from special guest Kate Simko at this DJs for DRC charity project aiming to provide relief in the war-torn countries across the globe.


Deep house, techno and more from resident Bobby Wilson.

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