Confusion Is Sex

Confusion Is Sex

Confusion is Sex strives for something different – mixing burlesque, leftfield cabaret, electro, live bands, pole dancers and more to create a unique world within itself. ‘It’s an underground freakshow,’ explains Gamma Ray Dali, the mastermind behind the madness. ‘I think people love the bizarreness. One minute there’ll be hardcore electro and the next there’ll be a latex fashion show on stage. People love the five minute sparkle of something different.’

Customers are encouraged to join in the celebrations, with discounted entry if appropriately dressed. ‘The customers and performers create an energy together,’ adds Dali. ‘Some people come down dressed even more fabulously than the performers.’

It’s Dali’s singular vision and attention to detail that really set CiS apart. She trained up her own performance troupe, The Freaky Brides, designed the décor, and oversees the operation from the ground up. ‘I’m coming up with ideas and physically making stuff for it every week; at one point every day I’m working on something from an outfit to choreography.’ However, even with all the other attractions the music is never overlooked, with an ‘electro and white trash glam techno’ soundtrack in the main room while the upstairs area features country, punk, surf and rockabilly.

In the world of CiS, every night is different. ‘Every month I try and do a whole different concept,’ says Dali. ‘You can’t go to the same Confusion is Sex twice.’ For this fortnight’s first birthday they have burlesque from Wild Card Kitty, the debut of comedy dance duo The Muffs, and live music from Berlin’s Platzblanche alongside the Freaky Brides. ‘I’ve booked the crème de la crème of every Confusion is Sex.’

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 16 Apr

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