Mark Millar & Steve McNiven - Nemesis No.1 (4 stars)

Mark Millar & Steve McNiven - Nemesis No.1


With Mark Millar’s last creation currently tearing up cinema screens, what better way to drum up interest in his new project than with a cover strapline bearing the claim ‘Makes Kick-Ass Look Like S#it’? Another collaboration with Steve McNiven (following Marvel hits Civil War and Wolverine: Old Man Logan), it simply can’t live up to that billing. Kick-Ass was, after all, something very, very special.

What Nemesis does do is once more confirm Millar as a master of the widescreen, sadistic and patently ridiculous action set-piece. McNiven’s clean and dynamic art is stretched to the limit by the title character, a white-suited master-villain whose modus operandi is the public and hugely destructive ruination of one international police department after another. Having laid waste to Tokyo with booby-trapped buildings and crashing trains in the first nine pages, he turns his attention to Washington DC with the kidnap of the US President from a mid-crashland Air Force One. Insane, amusing, and surely being costed by Hollywood accountants right now.

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