Jack Tweed on trial for rape

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  • 12 April 2010
Jack Tweed

Jack Tweed on trial for rape

Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed appeared in London's Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London today (12.04.10) on trial for allegedly raping a 19-year-old woman with his friend Anthony Davis

Jack Tweed has been accused of raping a woman after she turned down a "threesome" with him and his friend.

The 22-year-old club promoter - who is Jade Goody's widower - was in Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London today (12.04.10) on trial for allegedly sexually attacking the 19 year old with his friend, estate agent Anthony Davis, after a night out at the Embassy nightclub on September 4 last year.

The court heard how Tweed allegedly forced himself on the teenager after she went back to his house in Woodford Green with friends after a night at the Mayfair hotspot.

Describing the incident, Prosecutor Linda Strudwick said: "Anthony Davis pushed her into the bedroom, calling for Jack Tweed.

"They shut the door and began to manhandle her. They were asking for 'a threesome'. She said, 'No'. They started to pester her. They were touching her. They asked her for a threesome again and she said 'No'."

The alleged victim initially ignored their behaviour and left the room when her friends came looking for her.

The court has been told she was "pushed" back into the bedroom by Davis, who called for Tweed to join them, after she asked to borrow a pair of jogging bottoms.

Tweed apparently pushed the woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - against a window sill and started kissing her while Davis held the door shut.

Ms. Strudwick said: "She was now beginning to become very nervous and scared.

"Her friends tried to get into the room but they were told to go away and that made her more scared.

"She felt trapped. Jack Tweed's actions had changed. He was now more heavy-handed, more forceful when he pushed her against the window sill.

"She describes her feelings as never having been so scared in all her life. She did not move. She kept her eyes shut. Her friends pushed at the door asking if she was OK.

"Anthony Davis said 'Don't worry, Jack, I've got the door. Do what you've got to do'."

The prosecution claims that after the victim was allegedly raped by Tweed the first time, she tried to escape but was pushed back onto the bed and attacked by him for a second time.

The jury was told how she was struggling to escape again when she was raped by Davis.

Tweed denies two counts of rape and Davis denies one charge.

The trial continues.

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