Boy George 'paid the price' for past

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  • 12 April 2010
Boy George

Boy George 'paid the price' for past

Boy George believes he has ''paid the price'' for his actions in the past, and feels it is ''sanctimonious'' if people want him to continue to apologise

Boy George does not feel he has to apologise for his past actions.

The 48-year-old singer - who spent four months in prison last year for the false imprisonment of a male escort - claims the media often want him to say sorry for his past, but he feel he has already paid his penance.

He said: "I think that is terribly sanctimonious. I've already been to trial. I've paid my price.

"Why should I have to explain myself to anybody, let alone seek their forgiveness?"

The former Culture Club frontman also claims he has received great reactions from the public since his release from prison in May 2009.

He said: "Ever since I've come out, I've had nothing but affection, everyone from the doorman at The Dorchester Hotel to taxi drivers.

"None of them have expected me to apologise. They just all seem really glad that I'm out, and that I'm back.

"It's made me realise that people do care for me. And before you ask, yes, I am grateful for that. I am."

The eccentric star also says he has now "grown-up", despite not liking the term.

He told The New Review: "I've grown up. I always used to hate it when people said things like that; it made me wretch. But I've realised that just because you've grown up, it doesn't mean you necessarily have to become boring. I certainly haven't.

"All that has happened is that my desire for drama is greatly diminished. And it's a relief to be able to say that."

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