Kelly Osbourne afraid of the dentist

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  • 8 April 2010
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne afraid of the dentist

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she has a big phobia - she is scared of the dentist

Kelly Osbourne is terrified of the dentist.

The model-and-presenter has always had a phobia of having her teeth fixed and she was crippled by fear before a visit yesterday (07.04.10).

She tweeted: "i have to go get my filling today and the fear is really really kicking in. i need to get over this fear of the dentist but i cant! (sic)"

Despite her phobia, Kelly was able to overcome her fear and was very grateful after her visit to her dentist.

She said in another twitter posting: "Thank you Dr. Dorfman for fixing my teeth..."

It seems Kelly has been having a lot of tooth-related problems recently.

Last month, she took to her twitter page to complain about a taxi driver who spent their entire journey together picking his gnashers.

She wrote: "In a taxi and the driver keeps licking and sucking his teeth and it's making me SICK and putting me in the worst mood. (sic)"

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