Jessica Simpson in 'real family'

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  • 6 April 2010
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in 'real family'

Joe Simpson believes his daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have never gone off the rails because they are part of a ''real family'' that supports them

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have never gone off the rails because they are part of a "real family", according to dad Joe Simpson.

The former Baptist minister, who manages both of his daughters' careers, is proud that his girls live relatively normal lives and haven't been seduced by the trappings of fame like so many other young stars.

Joe - who is still married to Jessica and Ashlee's mother Tina - said in an interview with Fox News: "We have a real family. You can't just put these kids out in the world and they're on their own. I can remember a time when Jessica was singing at Madison Square Garden and her outfit ripped before she went on. We were there for her."

Despite his reputation as a controlling dad, Joe is adamant he has never told either of his daughters who they should date.

He stated: "I don't tell my girls who to date or marry or what to do."

Ashlee, 22, is married to rocker Pete Wentz and the couple have a 16-month-old son Bronx Mowgli together.

Jessica, 27, was wed to singer Nick Lachey but the couple divorced in June 2006. Since then she has dated womanising musician John Mayer and Dallas Cowboys football player Tony Romo and was recently romantically linked to Smashing Pumpkins rocker Billy Corgan, although she insists they are just friends.

Despite her painful split from Nick, Joe insists he has no hard feelings towards his former son-in-law - who tied the knot with Jessica when she was 22.

Joe said: "I have nothing against Nick. But they got married very young. I told Jessica, 'You're going to hit an age when it's all going to be clear to you - life, that is - and you'll know what you want to do.'  

"I do blame 50 per cent of their break-up on the media."

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