'Yogalosopher' Victoria Beckham

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  • 6 April 2010
Victoria Beckham

'Yogalosopher' Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has taken up a 'yogalosophy' fitness regime - a practice which combines yoga with astrology

Victoria Beckham has taken up 'yogalosophy'.

The former singer turned fashion designer has reportedly started on the new fitness regime - which combines the ancient meditative practice of yoga with astrology, the study of the stars and starsigns - after being introduced to it by actress Jennifer Aniston.

A friend told Heat magazine: "Victoria hates working out in the gym, but she has to keep in shape, so she is always on the lookout for a new exercise regime.

"She bought the Yogalosophy DVD and does her workout at home around four times a week to 'align her mind and spirit'. She's really starting to notice the difference."

Yogalosophy was invented by personal trainer Mandy Ingber and requires the user to do a number of challenging stretching routines to aid weight loss and increase muscle definition.

Mandy said: "Yogalosophy can help you use the natural flow to recreate your body through intentions, emotions, and other motivational triggers."

'The Bounty Hunter' star Jennifer has long been an advocate of Yogalosophy, previously saying it is "one of the most fun, challenging workouts I've ever had".

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