Katie Price's camera car

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  • 6 April 2010
Katie Price

Katie Price's camera car

Katie Price is so worried about her children's safety she is installing a £20,000 security system in her new car which will beam images of anyone following her back to her house

Katie Price is installing a £20,000 security system in her new car.

The 31-year-old glamour model is so concerned about the safety of her children, Harvey, seven, Junior, four and Princess Tiaamii, two, she is planning to add a camera system to her Range Rover which will beam images of vehicles following her new £70,000 vehicle back to her home.

She made the decision following letters she received containing death threats and details of plans to kidnap her children.

A source said: "Her mum Aimee opens her fan mail and keeps most of the nasty stuff from her. But after the death threats, Katie installed about 15 cameras all over her house which link up to monitors in the kitchen.

"But it is another matter when she is in the car. There have been cases where she has been followed and it has scared her. So when she heard about the CCTV systems you can get installed she immediately said she wanted one."

Although Katie feels safer when her husband Alex Reid is at home, she gets nervous when the cage-fighter isn't around.

The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Katie feels safe when Alex is around and is rarely ever in the house on her own because she is so anxious about anyone trying to come near her children."

Meanwhile, Katie believes her house is haunted.

The brunette beauty has told her friend, TV psychic Sally Morgan, her Surrey home is being spooked by an old lady who haunts the top floor, while a ghostly man appears near her sunbed.

Sally told The Sun newspaper: "Spirits are drawn to Katie, I believe they were attracted by the negative energy created when she and her ex-husband Peter Andre split up.

"She's an extreme person - just the type of personality spirits are attracted to.

"Katie could attract spirits wherever she lives. She's nervous about something like this happening again.

"I have told her I will be happy to carry out a psychic survey if she finds a place she wants to buy."

Katie Price

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