Glasgow and Edinburgh stereotypes

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  • 8 April 2010
Glasgow and Edinburgh stereotypes

Glasgow boy

The Glasgow boy is a multi-tasking DJ, graphic artist, blogger, social networking engineer and one-man brand solutions agency. He’s also a shop assistant at American Apparel. The scarf is purely cosmetic as he’s built up a seal-like resistance to the cold through (very) many late-night cigs outside the Sub Club, where, incidentally, he was last night. The box of sushi and detoxifying wheatgrass shot are to aid recovery. He’s listening to the latest LuckyMe mix, which is giving him ideas for his next DJ set at an SWG3 afterparty.

Most likely to be seen in: Optimo
Least likely to be seen in: bed

Edinburgh girl

The Edinburgh girl wears a floral dress from Urban Outfitters, a wool coat, thick tights and a beret, as well as a pair of fingerless gloves she knitted at her weekly Leith knitting club. The brooch is made by a friend of hers at the eca. The tote bag contains some ingredients for the little dinner she's throwing together for her flatmates – mostly vegetarian treats from Real Foods – as well as her knitting needles for long journeys on the 35 bus. The iPod is set to shuffle between Joni Mitchell and the latest demo for her band, in which she plays glockenspiel.

Most likely to be seen in: the Forest Café or Joseph Pearce’s
Least likely to be seen in: Espionage

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