The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension

Get up close to the action, with Dynamic Earth’s latest 4D adventure

Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth seldom does things by halves and this latest adventure looks set to be no different. From the exotic smells of the rainforest to snow falling in an alpine blizzard, Dynamic Earth’s latest expedition, 4Adventure, aims to bring the visitor as close to the action as possible, taking them face-to-face with black rhinos and the sting of a scorpion’s tale, with the help of 3D cinema and the fourth dimension of wind machines, special lighting, vibrating seats and falling ‘snow’.

Set between the Polar and Arctic galleries already in Dynamic Earth, this latest exhibition invites visitors to a briefing in a mock Arctic research base before taking them on a ‘flight’ from the arctic tundra to the tropical rainforests. Three years in the making, this 4D cinematic adventure, the first permanent 4D theatre of its kind in Scotland, allows visitors to fly, touch, smell and feel the ride from the Arctic to deep within the Tropical Rainforest.

‘People understand what 3D is but this is the first 4D permanent attraction of its kind in Scotland, which makes it pretty special,’ says Dynamic Earth’s commercial director Douglas Walker. ‘From reindeers to hammerhead sharks, the audience will have wind blowing in their face, hear the sounds, smell the smells and feel the movement as we bring to life the story of earth’s diversity and how plants and animals survive in very different, and sometimes very extreme, conditions. Hopefully visitors will just get on board and enjoy the ride.’

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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